this is the same spot as last weeks picture but a) in the other direction and b) in the morning, with rising mist. Like this one a lot better. #project52 đź“·
rising mist and rising sun

once again stopped on my way home from work, this time at a (hydro-power related) side-arm of the Danube. Not my best but OK .. #project52 đź“·

trunk-pool. Or pool-trunk? #project52 đź“·

meh. turns out it’s less easy than I hoped. Tooting pure text entries works well enough, but if I want linked images to be posted alongside (even as link), that … I haven’t figured out yet.

FYI I now also have a mastodon account (I hope I linked that correctly…). Still trying to figure out how best to cross-link all these output channels together.

The Shadow Over Inns .. bruck, Austria #project52 đź“·

met this nice fellow at Red Bull Hangar 7, Salzburg

a view through a bush. Attersee, Austria. #project52 đź“·