is a static blog generator written in Python, original author is Holger Frey who has his website at, where he also hosted the software at this location.

outdated info: Since the domain does no longer seem to belong to him that link is dead. Also, I can't find any other references to using google. Which is too bad, I actually like it quite a bit and use it for my own blog, but I seem to be the only user.

New info as of 2012-07-24: His website is online again but he is now using a new blog engine, called "gitwig", which you can find on github. It seems to be similar to sbe but better in some ways. Nevertheless, I don't feel like switching my blog engine again (even moreso given that I'd want to migrate all old posts and that would be a headache). So I'll stay with sbe for now.

So I guess I'll clean up the source a bit (remove everything I put in to personalize it for myself) and post a link here soonish. For archival purposes, I guess.

root of this webserver