A Short History of FNANP

FNANP started its life as a Sun Netra T1 105, running Gentoo Linux.

When the RAM in that box started dying (and, due to rarity, turned out to be expensive to replace), I switched to standard commodity AMD 64 bit hardware running on archlinux.

In late january 2012, the motherboard of that system died (burst capacitors) and I had to finally do the upgrade I had been putting off for some time. This time, I got a server-board by Supermicro (including IPMI, yay), a core-i3 CPU (because I found Xeons to be too expensive) and ECC RAM. Also, I've thrown out at least four old and small harddrives that were mostly consuming electricity.

In July 2015, the WD "Enterprise Storage" HDD I had used for / (/home was on a separate RAID1) all of a sudden acted as if it were completely dead. So I've now bought one Seagate NAS and one WD Red HDD to use as / in a RAID1 as well. Weirdly, the old HDD now claims it is just fine.

Anyway, so as of July 2015, there are 4 HDDs in FNANP.

root of webserver