how to reset the nvram on a Netra T1 105

The other day it just so happened that I fucked up some config options in my Netra T1 105's NVRAM. The upshot of it was that no matter what I did, I couldn't get to the obp ok:-prompt. I could see the LOM, but as soon as I entered "poweron", the machine would go into a loop, trying to boot from disk but not actually booting from disk, and no matter how often I sent a break down the serial line, it wouldn't drop to ok:

So what to do .. I hunted around on the Net, trying to find how to send Stop-N via a serial line, but it turns out (at least as far as I could see), that that is not possible.

In newer machines, apparently, the LOM can reset the NVRAM via the command "bootoption", but mine doesn't have that command, so no luck there.

In the end, what we resolved to do was this:

This seems like an awfully crude method, but I didn't see any other way to do it. And it did work. Of course it makes the machine forget everything, i.e. system time and so on will also be erased.

The location of the battery is described in the pdf-manual for the computer, which you can find on sunsolve.

Hope this helps somebody

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